About Us

Stephy's Place is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 

Some years ago, I met a woman named Stephy Hardman Kaminoff. Stephy had been recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Even with this tragic loss confronting her, knowing that she would eventually lose her life, not to mention the thought of leaving her three precious children behind, she had a resolve that was amazing. She made me believe that she might be the “one” to beat this disease.

After meeting Stephy, I was moved by the devastating loss that she knew her passing would create. Several years prior I had lost my husband to the horrific events of September 11th and my loss seemed to pale in comparison to what Stephy was experiencing. Stephy’s grief was unimaginable. I reflected on how lucky I was to have had the support of our “New Life Support Group” and how we had a place to go. The upper room at Holy Cross became “Our Place" where we would meet Tuesday mornings at 9:30. This was a place where we felt safe. I was determined that someday, with the help of my friends from our New Life Support Group, we would provide a place for people who are grieving. People who are suffering from loss, any loss. They too, would have a Place.

On April 2, 2014 Stephy passed on, leaving her three children in the care of her wonderful sisters.

In the Spring of 2015, I brought Stephy’s story to our New Life Support Group, where I expressed my desire to open a place for all who suffer the loss of a loved one, and I wanted their help. There was no hesitation. We would start this endeavor. Stephy’s Place: A New Life Support Center for Grief and Loss officially opened September 1, 2015. At Stephy's Place, we offer Support Groups and mindful meditation free of charge.

Stephy's Place is a Non for Profit, 501(c)3 organization.  Please consider us in your charitable giving.

Sheila Martello


Facilitators / Co-Facilitiators


Mary Alcock
Kerry Batting
Suzanne Berger
Barbara Biancamano       
Sarah Blades
Karen Britton
Kim Calafiore
Michelle Caravella
Madeline Caram
Kathy Cesario
Nicole Cooper
Lou D'Alotto
Lori DeLeonardis
Rupa Das Gupta
Joan Denton
Christina Durney
Brian Ericson
Raquel Falatico
Dawn Gambacorto
Denise Gebrian
Kristine Gunningham    
Dr. Jean Hager

Angela Harris
Jillian Harrington
Nancy Hamilton
Amanda Hintelman
Ed Holmes    
Eileen Hoey
MB Hodgkiss
Tony Iannacone
Lori Jarck
Meredith Kasun
Kevin Keelen
Denise Kelleher
Allison LaRochelle
Carol Laino
Marc Lobell
Maggie Lubke
Claudia Lucey
Sheila Martello
Jessica Martinson
Jean McMahon
John McManus
Jenn Munson


Katie Morgan
Felicia Natale
Debbie Palumbo
Cindy Panek
Megan Pelino
Marilyn Pozutto
Lisa Purdon
Maureen Raisch
Cheyenne Santoro
Judy Schurgin
Bette Scott
Karen Shearly
Alexandra Smith
Bill Svrerapa
Trish Straine MacGregor 
Jeanette Sheffer
Pat Swaroop
Lori Wilson
Liam Winters
Marcia Wyrtzen

Office Staff

Barbara Mattone - Office Manager
Kathy Agresto - Office Staff
Mairead Clifford - Office Staff
Mary Magee - Office Staff


Wellness Caregivers

Dr. Jean Hager, DSW, LCSW, LCADC
Angela Harris, Mindful Meditation Specialist
Ashley Hadar, Social Media Representative

Office Caregivers                   

Danette Alderoty
Tara Butler
Toni DeMeo
Karen Geltzeiler
Christine Fernandes
Lynne Karinja
Madeline Tripodi
Pat Wotton

Executive Board Members

President: Sheila Martello
Vice President: Pat Wotton
Secretary: Trish Straine MacGregor
Treasurer: Tara Butler

Board Members:

Kerry Batting
Dr. Jean Hager
Peter Jarck
Megan Pelino

Legal Advisor:

Christina Hardman O'Neal