Pat Swaroop

I was born and raised in Newark, NJ. I attended Catholic grammar and high school in Newark. In 1968, I graduated from the College or Saint Elizabeth's College in Covenant Station, NJ. I earned a degree in Sociology. I worked as a social worker in the clinic and psychiatric floor at St. Joseph's llospital in Paterson, NJ. In I 971, I became Director of Social Service Department at Crippled Children's Hospital in Newark. I met my husband there where he was an orthopedic resident. We then moved to the Jersey Shore where he started his orthopedic practice. I had two children, Jennifer and Arun, and after they were older I returned to work. I worked at Westwood Hall Nursing Home in Long Branch and then at Ocean Township Human Services. I then worked for my husband as his office manager. 

My husband Anand, died in January 2019 of end stage kidney disease. He received a kidney from another doctor at Jersey Shore Medical Center. In March of 2019, I attended a group at Stephy's Place. The group became a life-line for me. I learned how to cope with my grief. I realized that the support, love and encouragement that our group gave to one another was life changing. I wanted to give back what I learned and experienced at Stephy's Place. I wanted to be a companion to people who were on their own unique grief journey.