April 4, 2019


Today 04/04/19 is 1 year to the day I lost my mother, and 11 months to the day that I started at @stephysplace; I could not possibly be sitting upright and functioning even in a small way were it not for the peers and now friends in my group, Christine my wonderful counselor, and Sheila (the founder) and all her volunteers who have helped make what has been the worst time of my life a little less awful everyday. It is strangely a twist of fate that some of the ladies who founded stephy's place I had helped 18 years before (when I tutored their children after 9/11) While I had grieved their losses, it was not like this. God Bless You Mrs. Milano, Mrs. McNally, and all the widows who took their Tuesday morning grief borne of tragedy and turned it into something positive and beautiful. I know my mother Madalyn would be proud of you. And one day I hope of me.