Trish Straine MacGregor

I am Trish Straine MacGregor and I moved back to Monmouth County in the summer of 2001 from Hoboken where I lived with my beloved husband Jimmy and our 2 year old son Finn. I gave birth to our second son Charlie on September 5 th and Jimmy died on September 11 th . I was dealing with a new (empty) home, a new baby and the death of my husband and the boys’ father. On September 10 I thought I had it all and wow, the next day my world just fell apart.

I joined the New Life Support Group at Holy Cross in Rumson and it truly saved me and my children, because if I did not have that community who grieved along side me, I would not be where I am today, part of Stephy’s Place. We know from experience that you can move forward in the days, months and years after the death of a loved one and we are here to witness your grief and help you.

I am fortunate enough to stay home with my 4 children (I had another boy Declan and daughter Adele) and love to help out at their schools in addition to reading, playing tennis, exercising and walking our Vizsla, Goose.