Kevin Keelen

Please allow me to introduce myself and my ministry to you.  My name is Kevin Keelen, and in some ways, my focus on ministry to the bereaved fell reluctantly upon my shoulders after suffering many tragic losses in my own family over the years.  My sister and nephew both died by suicide, my Dad passed when I was in my early twenties, my niece died of an overdose, and my Mom, who was always my rock, passed just a few years ago.  Having suffered the throes of grief, I have a unique understanding of the insidiousness of it, and I know how important it is to have others to walk with on the painful path. 

After completing my Master’s Degree, I was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1991.  I served in Campus Ministry at Merrimack College and Villanova University and worked in several parishes.  I was pastor of two very large parishes in Ocean County.  I left active priesthood in 2014, and am now, through Stephy’s Place,offering ministry of consolation as a bereavement minister to all people of all faith backgrounds, or those with no faith whatsoever.  I am available for one-on-one or group bereavement ministry. 

After the horror of September 11 th , I was part of a local support group for family members in our area.  This unfolded to become an amazing experience of the power of healing and the unique comfort of belonging to a support group through the grieving process.  Now I am profoundly inspired to watch those who have found healing offering their support to others through Stephy’s Place, and I am both pleased and proud to be a part of it!   

Kevin Keelen, Bereavement Minister