Elizabeth McNally

As I was approaching my sixteen- year anniversary with my husband, my life was shattered when I lost my husband on 9/11.  During those 16 years, we were blessed with three beautiful girls.  With the loss of my husband, I really did not know how I was going to continue with my life and to raise my children. 

I heard about a spiritual support group, which became known as the New Life Support Group, and decided to attend a session.   Week after week I would attend and I realized I needed this support to keep me going.  Without the support of my peers and the spiritual element of the group, I don’t know what I would have done.

When I learned that Sheila Martello was creating Stephy’s Place with the support of the members of the New Life Support Group, I wanted to be involved and contribute what I could to help others through the grieving process. 

Because I was so grateful to have been part of a group that helped me to heal on my journey of grief with the support and prayer of others, volunteering at Stephy ‘s Place is the perfect opportunity for me to pay it forward.  It’s so fulfilling to give back and to help others on their own journey. Seeing members heal and hearing them return to laughter is totally priceless.