Kristin Gould (Ivoti)

Kristin Gould (Jyoti), RYT/Life Coach/Ayurveda Consultant

Kristin Gould is an inspired and spirited yoga teacher.  Using her life-long experiences and dedication to creative movement, dance and art,  she brings passion, intuition and “groviness”  to her Vinyasa style of yoga teaching.  Kristin has studied many aspects of Ayurveda, Medtation and Hatha yoga with both American and Indian yogis.  She believes in order to be a responsible teacher, she must continue to be a humble student – always learning, growing and sharing her knowledge of this ancient practice from the countless numbers of teachers who have come before her. 

Kristin has a non-profit organization known as CoolKidsyoGa, bringing yoga classes to children of all ages and abilities in schools and to those unable to pay for classes. She is the founder of Ohanala.Life, an avenue to a healthier and happier lifestyle.  It is a gathering of people from all walks of life, a place where we can think and share; love and learn.  Kristin provides classes in Yoga, Stand Up Paddle, Ayurveda and Meditation – offering perspective and enlightenment to enhance the way we look at the world around us. 

Ohanala is the synthesis of family, road, wave, happiness and the action of being alive.   Kristin is married and a mother of teenagers, who affectionately call her Swami Mommy.  Together with her family, she enjoys cooking, gardening, painting, surfing and boating.  Kristin reminds us that as we practice yoga with skillfulness uniting breath, body and soul, we are ultimately connecting to all things beyond our egos and off our mats.  Through truth, joy, compassion, peace and love – we are all one!   AUM SHANTI! 

For more info on Kristin and Ohanala,LLC, please visit www.ohanala.com .