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***** Congratulations to Team Frank for being our #1 Fundraising Team this year!! Thank you Madeline, family & friends for your support!!!****


Thank you to all who participated in our "A Mourning Walk"

“A Mourning Walk” - why this? On September 21st it will be the the 14th Anniversary  of my sister Gail’s husband’s death. He went up to go to bed and he died of a  pulmonary embolism. Well, we all knows how my husband and the rest of the  Founding Board’s husbands died and while tragic, our loss is no more profound than  my sister’s or any of yours, but every year on Sept. 11th, everyone remembers ours.  Well everyone’s loved ones deserve to be remembered like that so we decided to  provide a way for that to happen and this is it!! “A Mourning Walk” 

We deserve to have a time and a place to remember and to say our loved ones names  every year!! 

When people talk about our loved one, when we hear their names, they are reminding  us that they lived!! We have a sacred relationship with those we love, the fact that they  died does not sever the relationship it just changes it. It makes it different. But when  did the definition of different mean worse, it doesn’t, it just mean different. 

We have a responsibility to those who we have loved and lost, a responsibility to  remember them and honor them and we also have a responsibility to ourselves to  notice the great gifts and blessings that we have experienced since. Let yourself  

notice them, give yourself permission to experience the joy as well as the sorrow. Let  yourself soak in the love and support that surrounds us today and give yourself  permission to live!! 

We encourage you to say their names as many times as you would like today and  everyday. 

and I will leave you with this… 

Believe in life, not loss. When your heart is struggling, hurting, questioning, its  not so easy.Place your trust in the process. Surrender to the journey. Have faith  in yourself that you can do this. Repeat to yourself, hope over loss til your heart  understands and your brain follows through. 


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Sheila Martello was recently interviewed on 
SCAN NJ TV, Community Connections, April 2020

When you cannot have a wake or a funeral

Stephy's Place will reopen as soon as possible. We will be updating the website as information becomes available.

We have posted Reflections from Kevin, our bereavement specialist, we hope you find them helpful. We are all in this together! 

Please stay safe and healthy!!!


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2020 Rumson St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee

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Stephy's Place is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization who relies on the
generosity of others so that we can continue to provide free support
groups for those suffering the loss of a loved one. 
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The loss of a loved one forces you to face a new reality which includes dealing with the practical demands of everyday life. We can help you move forward with
the support of others, as only those who have also experienced loss can. 

Throughout our own grief journeys, we have found comfort in the compassionate presence of others who understand our struggle. We have now created Stephy’s Place - a free “safe place” for anyone who has suffered loss, with the sole purpose of sharing faith, hope, and love. 

At Stephy’s Place you will be able to talk to others who are continuing their journey through the grief process.


Support Group Information

Please email or call so that we may
find the best group for your loss.

All sessions are one hour long. 
Please arrive ten minutes before
group start time to find parking and get
settled so that we may start and finish on time.

Learn more about our Group Facilitators.

Monthly  Meditation Class 

2nd Monday of each month 6pm

3rd Thursday of each month at 9:30am

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Contact Us

Stephy's Place is open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.  

If you are trying to contact us Friday - Monday, please call 732-614-1142 and leave a message, your call will be returned on Tuesday, if you need a more immediate response please fill out our email form or simply email us at stephysplace15@gmail.com.